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How does Rasp Plane rust and how to maintain it?

1. Use one side of the new Rasp Plane first, and then use the other side when it is blunt.
2. When rasp, the effective full length of the file should be fully used to avoid local wear.
3. The file should not be stained with oil or water.
4. When filing, if the filing chips are embedded in the tooth gap, the chips on the filing teeth must be removed with a wire brush in time.
5. Do not file the hard skin of the rough piece and the hardened workpiece, and file soft metals such as aluminum and tin, and a single-tooth file should be used.
6. If there is a hard skin on the surface of the casting, the hard skin should be removed with an old file or the toothed side of the file, and then processed.
7. The file must be cleaned after use to avoid rusting.
8. Do not stack with other tools or workpieces, nor stack with other files, so as not to damage the files.