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What Different Types of File

There are quite a few different types of file available that can be used for different situations. Files can be flat on both sides, flat on one side and half-round on the other, completely round, square or triangular. These shapes allow for most types of shaping to be done.
Here are some of the most common:
1.Standard Hand File:
This is the traditional and most common looking flat file found in most garages and tool boxes. They are mainly used for general filing duties on flat surfaces. They are rectangular in appearance with teeth on the upper and lower sides but not on the sides or “safe edge"
2.Half Round File:
This is really as it sounds – this type features a flat side, the same as the file above and also a round side. The flat side can be used as a standard file, while the half round side is used for filing out curves and depressions. Unlike the above, this file is also tapered towards its end to allow for shaping.
3.Triangular File (or 2 square as they are also known):
The main use of these is for filing in tight corners and acute angles and for getting into tight spaces

4.Square File:
Similar to the triangular file, this is very useful for getting into tight spaces, holes and for cleaning up angular slots

5.Round File:
Unlike the half round, these are fully circular. They are generally much smaller than the half round cousins and are mainly used for filing out circular cuts and holes such as drill holes
6.Knife File:
The main use of this file is to, again, get into very tight spaces, but unlike round, triangular and even the standard hand file, they are very thin meaning you can get them into a very narrow space

7.Needle File:
These are essentially very small and thin versions of the above type of file. Available in all the above types, they are very small in size and thickness and are ideal for very tight, intricate work such as model making, fine metal work etc….

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