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How to use and maintain bolt cutters

In our daily life, we often use a variety of tools. However, we often do not think about how to use them correctly in the process of using them, nor how to maintain them in a beneficial way. Generally, we follow the methods we think in our hearts to operate. As we all know, the wire breaker is a tool used to cut wires. It is used as a manual tool to cut various wires. It is mainly used to cut steel core aluminum stranded wires, steel stranded wires, insulated wires, etc. in electric power construction.

It is strictly forbidden to use it beyond the range and overload. All kinds of hand tools have different rated strengths. When using tools, their varieties and specifications should be reasonably selected according to actual needs. It is not allowed to use small to large, and it is not allowed to cut items whose hardness is greater than the cutting edge of the wire breaker, so as to avoid chipping or curling. , let alone use it as an ordinary steel tool to replace other tools, so as to avoid overload fracture and its deformation damage.

For example, the instruction manual of SATA93506 type wire breaker stipulates that its maximum shearing capacity is: low carbon steel diameter 13mm, medium carbon steel diameter 10mm, it should not be used to shear medium carbon steel, high carbon steel with hardness exceeding HRC35, or exceed the limit The maximum shear capacity is used. In addition to the easy damage of the cutting edge, the most common problem of the wire breaker is that the two blades are misaligned or cannot be fully closed, resulting in difficulty in cutting. In fact, this is not the deformation or damage of the tool, just adjust the corresponding bolts.

Take the Glass Suction Cups wire breaker as an example, loosen the nut about one turn (360°), rotate the screw to align the jaws, rotate the arrow on the screw inward, close the pliers head and tighten the nut. In addition, it should be noted that: 1. Do not throw at high altitudes to avoid damage to the tool; 2. Remove the springs, soil entrained in the tooth grooves and other debris in time during use; 3. The bolts should be tightened in time, and the rotating parts should be lubricated in time.