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How much do you know about decoration tools?

First of all, starting from shoveling the wall, you need to use a watering can and a shovel scraper. If it is more difficult to remove, you may need to use tools such as an angle grinder; and the demolition, renovation and decoration are inseparable from the electric hammer, which is generally better. Electric hammers have three functions: punching, impact punching, and gouge. Next, let’s talk about water and electricity, first of all the tools needed for pipeline construction: At present, the mainstream tools are pipeline hot melters and pipe cutters; and for circuit decoration, the tools needed are wire strippers, threading Generally, the wires used in home decoration are 4 squares, 2.5 squares, and 1.5 squares, and the corresponding numbers (AWG wire numbers) of the wire strippers are 12, 14, and 16, respectively.
Regarding the wiring, I also want to say something about the electrician connecting the hard wiring. The Kraftwell tool manufacturer would like to remind here that the general electrician likes to take a vise and wind it a few times when dealing with hard wiring, and then wrap the insulating tape. In fact, the connector needs to be tinned when hard-wired. For the safety and durability behind, the electric soldering iron and tin suction device are essential at this time. Then about the weak current tool, the place where the home is applied is basically to connect the network cable, so the network cable pliers are also very important tools.
After the Home tool set is opened, there are all kinds of tools, ranging from small screws to large pliers, electric drills, and hand tools that you can use every day. The various tools in the toolbox are usually categorized and organized for you very clearly, making it very easy for you to use.