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What are Glass Suction Cups?

Glass Suction Cups is one of the vacuum equipment actuators. The suction cup material is made of nitrile rubber, which has a large breaking force, so it is widely used in various vacuum suction equipment, such as construction, paper industry and printing, glass, etc. industry, to achieve the task of holding and transporting thin and light items such as glass and paper.
Vacuum suction cups are also known as vacuum spreaders and vacuum suction nozzles. Generally speaking, using vacuum suction cups to grab products is the cheapest method. There are various types of vacuum suction cups, those made of rubber can operate at high temperatures, those made of silicone rubber are ideal for gripping rough surfaces, and those made of polyurethane are durable. In addition, in actual production, if the suction cup is required to have oil resistance, it can be considered to use materials such as polyurethane, nitrile rubber or vinyl-containing polymer to manufacture the suction cup. Usually, in order to avoid scratches on the surface of the product, it is best to choose a suction cup with a bellows made of nitrile rubber or silicone rubber.
The structure of the straight vacuum suction cup is shown in the figure, which consists of a suction cup and a suction cup hoop.
working principle
The working principle of the flat vacuum suction cup is shown in the figure. First, connect the vacuum suction cup to the vacuum equipment (such as vacuum generator, etc., the corrugated vacuum suction cup in the picture)
Corrugated vacuum suction cup
Draw) on, and then contact with the object to be lifted such as glass, paper, etc., start the vacuum equipment to suck, so that negative air pressure is generated in the suction cup, so that the object to be lifted can be sucked firmly, and then the object to be lifted can be transported. When the object to be lifted is transported to the destination, it is smoothly inflated into the vacuum suction cup, so that the negative air pressure in the vacuum suction cup becomes zero air pressure or slightly positive air pressure, and the vacuum suction cup is separated from the object to be lifted, thus completing the lifting and conveying of heavy objects. task.
1. Easy to lose. Since it is generally made of rubber, it is in direct contact with objects and is severely worn, so the wear and tear is very fast. It is a pneumatic consumable part.
vacuum suction cup
That's why it stands out so prominently from the many aerodynamic components.
Second, easy to use. No matter what material the object to be sucked is made of, as long as it can be sealed and air-tight, it can be used. The electromagnetic chuck will not work, it can only be used on steel, and other materials or objects cannot be sucked.
3. No pollution. The vacuum suction cup is especially environmentally friendly, it will not pollute the environment, and there is no light, heat, electromagnetic and so on.
Fourth, do not hurt the workpiece. Because the vacuum suction cup is made of rubber material, it will not cause any damage to the workpiece when picking up or putting down the workpiece. The hook-type spreader and cable-type spreader will not work. In some industries, the requirements for the surface of the workpiece are particularly strict, and they can only use vacuum suction cups.