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What are the common Home tool set manufacturers?

Wrench is a very common tool in daily life. Choose a suitable spare wrench according to the specification of the bolt. There are many places where the wrench is used during maintenance. Choosing a few easy-to-use dual-purpose wrenches not only saves time, but also avoids the situation that the wrench is misaligned during use and causes the handle to come off. More safe and practical, you are worth choosing a dual-purpose wrench.
When it comes to jacks, it is really necessary among tools, because no tool list does not mention it, and it is conceivable how important it is in repair. Hydraulic jack is also a necessary car auxiliary tool. Its main function is to lift the car. It can raise the car body when changing the tire, which is convenient for changing the tire. In principle, jacks are mainly divided into mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks. There are many types of jacks under these two categories. The reason why hydraulic jacks are mainly used is that hydraulic jacks are simpler and more convenient. Due to the different brand designs, specifications and weights, it is necessary to choose a suitable hydraulic jack and choose the appropriate tonnage when choosing a hydraulic jack.
Pliers are also commonly used in tools. Generally, the pliers used in automobile maintenance are carp pliers and needle-nose pliers. Carp pliers are generally used to hold some small parts. The front side of the pliers is a flat serration with a slot in the middle, which can hold larger cylindrical parts, and can also be used as a wrench to tighten bolts and nuts. And it can adjust the opening range, so it can hold parts of different specifications and use a wide range. Needle-nose pliers are more important and convenient among tools because of their thin and sharp jaws, which can be used freely in a small space.
A spark plug wrench is an essential tool in repairs, and it is a common tool for removing and installing spark plugs. There are different specifications and models to choose from. Generally, 16 and 21 are commonly used, and 16 is basically used in life, so you need to check the specifications of the spark plug before use, and choose a suitable spark plug wrench to use. It should be noted that when removing the spark plug, set the spark plug in place before moving it. When pulling the spark plug, do not lengthen the handle arbitrarily, so as not to damage the sleeve.
The screwdriver is the most commonly used tool in daily life, and it is generally needed where there are screws. A screwdriver, otherwise known as a screwdriver, screwdriver, or screw handle, is a practical tool for tightening or loosening screws. There are many types of screwdrivers, one, cross, rice, star, square head, hexagon and so on.

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