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what are the economical common hardware tools?

So what are the economical common hardware tools, follow Zhejiang Xinchang Brother Tools Co.,Ltd to see. Let's talk about the electric drill first. The choice of the rechargeable drill is based on the higher the voltage, the better. The higher the voltage, the greater the power and the higher the practicability. Rechargeable drills need matching bits. Kraftwell recommends buying a set of slightly more bits, so that it will not be unsuitable when used, which will affect the efficiency of maintenance tools. The other is the wrench. There are many types of wrenches, but the daily use may be adjustable wrench and fixed wrench. The adjustable wrench is the mouth of the wrench, which can be adjusted and can fit different sizes of bolts. The adjustable wrench is recommended to prepare three kinds of large, medium and small; The opening of the dumb wrench is fixed and only fits screws of the specified size. Both types of wrenches are practical and have their own advantages.
Next is one of the most commonly used hand tools, the pliers series. There are generally three types of pliers for daily use, vise, needle-nose pliers, and diagonal pliers. Vise is also known as wire pliers, which is often used to cut hard things such as iron wire; needle-nose pliers can hold special things in some special positions; diagonal pliers are very convenient for cutting wires and other things. Then there is the Allen wrench, most of which are used to screw special bolts, such as the assembly of furniture, the disassembly of special tools, and some maintenance of automobiles. When it comes to measurement, Zhejiang Xinchang Brother Tools Co.,Ltd has to mention all kinds of tape measures. The tape measure is used for measurement and is widely used. The measuring range of the tape measure should be at least 3 meters. If it is too small, it is inconvenient to use. , it is best to automatically buffer recovery.

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