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What is the principle of the file head?

The file head needs to be used in conjunction with a pneumatic grinding pen. The grinding work can be achieved by installing the file head and driving the grinding pen. The special thread of the file head contacts the surface of the workpiece to generate friction. Since the file head is specially made of superhard materials, it can Machining on the workpiece surface with very little loss itself.
The file head was born very early. Due to the large demand for non-standard mechanical parts, many processing equipment on the market can only meet the processing of standard parts. Therefore, the market urgently needs some special positions that can be processed, such as groove surfaces, semicircular inner surfaces, specific curved surfaces, etc. The processing requirements of the hand File set also came into being in this environment. When installing the file head on the grinder, fully insert the shank into the chuck, and idling to confirm whether there is any abnormal eccentric phenomenon before starting processing. Do not put too much force on the material to be cut or adjust the speed of the sleeve.
In order to prolong the service life of the file, the following rules must be observed: do not use new files to file hard metals; do not use files to file hardened materials; forgings and castings with hard skin or sticky sand must be ground off on a grinder. Only use a semi-sharp file; use one side of the new file first, when the side is blunt, then use the other side. When filing, always use a wire brush to remove the chips on the file teeth. The file should not overlap or overlap with other tools. Stack them together; do not use the file too fast, otherwise it will be easy to wear prematurely. The file should avoid water, oil or other dirt; fine files are not allowed to file soft metals; the use of assorted files should not be too hard to avoid breaking.