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What other files are there?

The Rasp Plane of the tungsten steel grinding head should be selected according to the shape of the parts to be filed, so that the shapes of the two parts can be adapted. When filing the inner arc surface, choose a semi-circular file or a round file; when filing an inner corner surface, choose a triangular file; when filing an inner right-angle surface, you can choose a flat file or a square file. When choosing the inner right-angle surface of the flat file, pay attention to make the narrow surface of the toothless file close to the inner right-angle side to avoid damage to the right-angle surface.
At this stage, the common shapes of tungsten steel grinding wheels include cylindrical, elliptical, pointed, spherical, etc. Compared with traditional special tools, they have many advantages, such as processing various metal materials and non-metal materials, and the processing strength reaches HRC70 . The commodity processing is cost-effective, brighter, and can process various shapes of abrasive cavities with high precision.
Carbide rotary file_Carbide grinding head_Alloy grinding head suppliers, rotary file suppliers play an important role in the supply chain, and the selection mechanism of rotary file suppliers is diversified. Therefore, when choosing a rotary file supplier, the decision makers of the enterprise must formulate corresponding implementation steps and implementation rules according to the long-term development of the enterprise and according to local conditions.

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