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What's the Best Hand File Set for Woodworking?

The electric hand and toe nail file set features a flat hand file and a hand file with a Swiss cut, both of which are perfect for filing flat surfaces. The flat hand file is made with parallel sides and features teeth on one edge and smooth sides on the other. It has a tang that tapers in width to a point.
Each file is cut along its entire length, and the cuts are indicated on the scale 00 through 6. There are also other cuts available upon request. Each cut represents a certain number of teeth per square centimetre.
If you are a professional woodworker, a quality hand file set is essential. These forged alloy steel hand files are designed to be durable and give you quick results. They also come with a convenient carrying case and a rubber handle for comfortable and secure handling.
Home tool set is a special coating that gives the files an added hardness, giving them an excellent surface hardness of 72 HRC. It is a non-corrosive surface treatment that also helps preserve the hardness of the files on hot workpieces. The Valtitan treatment also prevents metal accumulation and allows for easy clearance of debris.

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