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Why do I need a Ratchet screwdriver set in home repairs?

The Ratchet screwdriver set is an essential component of any home repair kit. Only second in importance to hammers used to drive nails, screwdrivers pull stubborn screws from furniture and equipment.
The hand tool market is flooded with various types of Precision screwdriver sets, each with a specific purpose. The most versatile of these is the ratcheting screwdriver. This screwdriver consists of a ratchet to turn the blade in only one direction, and a screw that actually rotates the blade when downward pressure is applied to the handle. The blade locks onto the handle so turn it clockwise to loosen the screw, and when you need to turn it counterclockwise to tighten the screw, the blade will disconnect.
The best part about ratcheting screwdrivers is that they are versatile. They can do the job of many different types of screwdrivers by simply changing the bit. The Mini Ratchet Screwdriver Set has five double-sided bits; all you need to do is insert the correct size and shape by matching the screws with the corresponding bits. A typical mini screwdriver set contains bits that match the most common types of screws, such as pan head, square head, and X-shaped screws. The kit can be expanded as needed by purchasing additional drill bits.
Another very handy tool is the Ratchet screwdriver.
The advantage of the Ratchet screwdriver is that it prevents bulging and increases manufacturing efficiency. The screw will not slip out of the fastener until a certain torque level is reached, greatly reducing damage to the screwdriver bit, screw head and screwdriver. This unique feature also increases the life of the Ratchet screwdriver tenfold. The reduction in time, effort and cost of tools translates into a cheaper product for consumers.