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Sawing methods for various materials

⑴Saw cutting of thin sheets: It is easy to bend and shake when sawing thin sheets. When sawing, cut as far as possible from the wide surface. When sawing can only be done on the narrow surface of the board, two boards can be used to sandwich the board and saw together with the board. In this way, the rigidity of the sheet material can be increased without shaking, and it can also prevent the serrations from hooking and falling off.

⑵ Pipe sawing: the pipe must be clamped upright when sawing. When sawing, the pipe should not be cut in one direction at a time. Instead, the pipe should be rotated several times and sawed in different directions, and only saw through the pipe wall each time until sawing. Off position. This can prevent it from being sawn off at once, and it can also prevent the edge of the pipe from hooking the serrations and causing it to crack or the saw blade to break.

⑶ The saw bow makes a straight reciprocating motion during the sawing process. When pushing the saw, the right hand advances, the left hand applies pressure, and no pressure is applied when returning, and it gently slides across the processing surface. During the sawing process, the pressure is small and uniform, and the reciprocating length of the sawing stroke is generally not less than 2/3 of the full length of the saw blade. When the workpiece is quickly sawn off, the pressure on the saw should be light, the speed should be slow, the stroke should be small, and the part of the workpiece that is about to fall should be held by hand.

Precautions for the use of hand saw ① When using a hand saw to cut a workpiece, make sure that the workpiece is firmly fixed and the saw blade must be installed correctly to prevent the saw blade from being broken or the saw kerf from being skewed. ②The starting angle should be correct and the posture should be natural. ③When sawing the workpiece, you can add some oil to reduce friction and cool the saw blade, thereby prolonging the service life of the saw blade. ④When the workpiece is about to be sawn off, the speed should be slow, the pressure should be light, and the left hand should hold the part that will be cut off. ⑤When sawing, you must concentrate your thoughts to prevent the saw blade from breaking and ejecting from the saw bow and hurting people.


How to use the hand saw

① Grip of the hand saw Hold the saw handle in your right hand, and lightly hold the front end of the saw bow with your left hand. ②It is very important to start the saw when sawing. Generally, use the left thumb nail to hold the saw blade firmly to prevent the saw blade from sliding. At the same time, the sawing angle is less than 15°. If the sawing angle is too large, the saw teeth are easy to break, but the sawing angle should not be too small, otherwise it is not suitable to cut into the material.

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