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Uses of glass suction cups

In recent years, with the rapid improvement of modern technology, the old and traditional glass industry has been renewed, and various glass products with unique functions have come out. These glasses can not only play a traditional light transmission effect, but also play an irreplaceable role in some special occasions. If you want to understand the unique characteristics of vacuum suction cups used to transport glass, you will know after reading the article.

The use of glass suction cups
1. It is widely used in various vacuum holding equipment.
2. (1) You can use a cotton swab to evenly apply the egg white liquid to the suction cup, then stick it to the tile or glass, and hang the heavy object after it is completely dry.
(2) Apply some soapy water on the back of the suction cup, and then stick it to the wall to make it stronger.
(3) Reinforced suction cups can also be coated with a little skin oil on the back of the suction cups, and placed on the wall for a day before use.
(4) Put the plastic suction cup in hot water for 10 seconds and take it out, which can also play a role in strengthening the hook.
(5) There is a simpler method, drop some water in the suction cup, and quickly glue the suction cup to the flat surface.

The use of glass suction cups
The glass suction cup can be adsorbed on flat and airtight panels (tiles, glass, iron plates, painted wood, stone and other airtight materials).

When in use, push the glass loading table equipment to the front of the glass stacking rack to be taken, make the long side of the equipment parallel to the glass, and try to be as close to the center line of the glass as possible, connect the power supply and air source, and operate the suction cup on the flip arm. The plane is parallel to the glass surface to be taken. Press the button and the device will move forward. The suction cup drives the glass to move backwards under the action of the vacuum, separating it from the glass in front. When the vacuum reaches the set four-link action, the glass will be moved forward. Lift up and separate the lower part of the glass.

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