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What are the main types of hardware tools?

I believe that everyone has more or less hardware tools in their homes. All the trivial things in life, big and small problems, and product failures, all need hardware tools to repair. Generally speaking, the scope of hardware tools is a bit too big. Hardware tools refer to the general term for metal devices manufactured after physical processing of metals such as iron and steel. And the hardware tools we usually come into contact with are simple: daily hardware, household hardware.

In addition to being simply divided into usage categories, hardware tools can also be divided into two types: tools and small hardware. Tools include hand tools, pneumatic tools, power tools, auto repair tools, gardening tools and equipment, etc., and small hardware includes hardware accessories, construction hardware, mechanical hardware, and daily hardware.

Are you dizzy about these categories? Although there are many kinds of hardware tools, we only use those kinds of tools every day. For example, the vise, universal wrench, screwdriver and so on that we often use. When purchasing standing hardware tools, you must consider the type, performance, quality, and price you need. Don't choose at will when the price is very favorable.

The main problem of metal products in the hardware and tool products is corrosion prevention. Metal corrosion is caused by the chemical or electrochemical effects of the surrounding medium. According to different media, it is divided into atmospheric corrosion, soil corrosion, seawater corrosion, bacterial corrosion and so on. Among them, atmospheric corrosion is the most common, because metal products are in contact with the atmosphere during processing, transportation, storage and storage, and there are conditions for atmospheric corrosion at all times.

Traditionally, the corrosion or discoloration of metals in the atmosphere due to oxygen, moisture and other polluting impurities is called rust or rust. After the rust of hardware tools and metal products, the lighter ones will affect the appearance quality, the more serious ones will affect the use, and even cause scrap. Therefore, the metal products must be stored properly and pay attention to rust prevention.

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