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What are the pros and cons of ratcheting screwdrivers?

1. Advantages of ratcheting screwdrivers

The advantage of the ratchet screwdriver is to use the ratchet to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. In addition to this advantage, the advantages of the ratchet screwdriver are:

(1) The one-way design of the ratchet makes it unnecessary to go backward in the whole process of screwing. It is very easy and suitable for home use.

(2) The ratchet screwdriver comes with a high-torque ratchet, which is very useful when screwing some screws with a long thread. In other words, when the card is unilateral, the screw can be quickly tightened by turning the wrist no more than 45 degrees, which is very convenient. .

2. Disadvantages of ratcheting screwdrivers

Although the ratchet screwdriver is labor-saving, it also has certain shortcomings. First, it has a built-in ratchet device, which is heavier than ordinary screwdrivers and is not so convenient to carry; secondly, the ratchet screwdriver has a corner, which is not convenient to use in a narrow space.

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