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What are the selection methods of saw blades?

Saws are also called hand saws or mechanical saws. They are cutting tools. They are mainly used for sawing grooves on the workpiece, sawing off various shapes of raw materials or semi-finished products, and sawing off the excess part of the processed workpiece. The hand saw is mainly composed of a saw bow and a saw blade.

The correct selection of saw blades Hand hacksaw blades are generally made of carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel, and should be hardened by heat treatment. The length of a common hacksaw blade is 30mm. The length of the hacksaw blade is expressed by the center distance of the mounting holes at both ends.

The saw teeth of the hacksaw blade are divided into coarse teeth (tooth pitch 1.8mm), medium teeth (tooth pitch 1.4mm), and fine teeth (tooth pitch 1.1mm).

The choice of tooth thickness should be determined according to the thickness of the material being sawn and the hardness of the material. Coarse saw blades are used to cut soft materials (such as copper, aluminum, cast iron) and thick materials. Fine-tooth saw blades are used for cutting hardware or thin materials (such as various pipes, thin sheets and angle irons, etc.).

When choosing coarse and fine serrations, you should also consider at least 3 serrations on the sawing section to participate in the sawing at the same time.

Correct installation of the saw blade When installing the hacksaw blade, the tooth tip of the saw tooth should be forward, so that the installation will make the operation easier and work smoothly, because in the actual sawing operation, the sawing function is used when the saw is pushed. When installing the saw blade, it is not advisable to install it too tightly or too loosely: if it is too tight, the force will be large, and it will be easy to break if the hand is improperly; After installing the saw blade, make sure that the plane of the saw blade is parallel to the center plane of the saw bow.


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