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What are the types of screwdrivers?

1. Ordinary screwdriver
It is a screwdriver with the head and handle built together. It is easy to prepare and can be used as long as it is taken out. However, because there are many different lengths and thicknesses of screws, it is sometimes necessary to prepare many different screwdrivers.
2. Combined screwdriver
A screwdriver that separates the screwdriver head and the handle. When you want to install different types of screws, you only need to replace the screwdriver head, and you don't need to bring a large number of screwdrivers. The advantage is that it can save space, but it is easy to lose the screwdriver bit.
3. Electric screwdriver
Electric screwdriver, as the name implies, uses an electric motor to replace the manual installation and removal of screws, usually a combination screwdriver.
4. Clock screwdriver
It is a precision screwdriver and is commonly used in repairing hand strap clocks, so it is called this.
5. Little King Kong screwdriver
The head handle and body length are smaller than the commonly used screwdrivers, not a clock screwdriver.

In terms of its structure and shape, there are usually the following:
1. Straight. This is the most common one. The head model has a character, cross, pozi, T-shape (plum blossom type), H-shape (hexagonal), etc.
2. L-shaped. It is more common in the hexagonal screwdriver, and uses its longer rod to increase the torque, which saves effort.
3. T-shaped. There are many applications in the auto repair industry.

Screwdriver head type classification:
According to different head types, screwdrivers can be divided into one-character, cross, Pozi, star (computer), square head, hexagonal head, Y-shaped head, etc. Among them, the word and cross are the most commonly used in our lives, like Installation and maintenance are all required. It can be said that as long as there are screws, a screwdriver is needed.
Hexagon heads are not used much. Hexagonal wrenches are commonly used. For example, many screws on some machines have hexagonal holes, which is convenient for multi-angle force. There are not many large star-shaped ones. Small star-shaped ones are often used for dismantling and repairing mobile phones, hard drives, notebooks, etc. We call small screwdrivers a clock and watch screwdriver, and commonly used star-shaped T6, T8, cross PH0, PH00, etc.

The head means:
Square head SQUARE

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