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What is the difference between a ratchet screwdriver and a normal screwdriver

A ratchet screwdriver, as the name implies, is a screwdriver with a ratchet device. Compared with ordinary screwdrivers, ratchet screwdrivers can use ratchets to make the screwdriver rotate in only one direction, thus using the principle of leverage to save more force. Using ratchet screwdrivers can improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, shorten the working time, and are suitable for screwing some screws with a long thread process; however, ratchet screwdrivers also have disadvantages such as inconvenience to carry and not suitable for use in narrow spaces. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of ratcheting screwdrivers.
1. What is a ratchet screwdriver?
The ratchet screwdriver is a manual screwdriver. The front end of the handle has a pawl seat. The pawl seat is provided with two opposite swinging pawls and a dial for controlling the position state of the two pawls. The dial has two claws. There are two shifting blocks corresponding to the two pawls respectively; the tail of the knife rod is provided with a ratchet sleeve, the ratchet sleeve is sleeved on the pawl seat and is engaged with at least one of the two pawls.
The ratchet screwdriver uses the action of the ratchet. The function of the ratchet is that the screwdriver can only be rotated in one direction so that when the screw is screwed, the screw can be tightened by forwarding rotation; when the direction is rotated, the screw does not follow the rotation, but the handle rotates in the reverse direction. , so it is very convenient to operate, and it is particularly labor-saving. In use, the screw can be tightened or loosened only by slightly turning the handle at a small angle, which greatly improves the work efficiency, reduces the labor intensity, shortens the working time, and is widely used.
2. What is the difference between a ratchet screwdriver and an ordinary screwdriver?
The difference between a ratchet screwdriver and an ordinary screwdriver is whether it has a ratchet device. The ratchet device can help the user to operate it, especially for high-strength repeated screwing operations, because the handle of the ratchet screwdriver is a lever, which acts on the screwdriver. The force at the end is much larger than that of a normal screwdriver, so it takes less effort.
However, the ratchet screwdriver is precise because of the ratchet device, which is more troublesome to carry and use in narrow environments than ordinary screwdrivers.
Third, what are the advantages and disadvantages of ratchet screwdrivers
1. Advantages of ratcheting screwdrivers
The advantage of the ratchet screwdriver is to use the ratchet to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. In addition to this advantage, the advantages of the ratchet screwdriver are:
(1) The one-way design of the ratchet makes it unnecessary to go backward in the whole process of screwing. It is very easy and suitable for home use.
(2) The ratchet screwdriver comes with a high-torque ratchet, which is very useful when screwing some screws with a long thread. In other words, in the case of a single-sided card, the screw can be quickly tightened by turning the wrist no more than 45 degrees, which is very convenient.
2. Disadvantages of ratcheting screwdrivers
Although the ratchet screwdriver is labor-saving, it also has certain shortcomings. First, it has its own ratchet device, which is heavier than ordinary screwdrivers and is not so convenient to carry; secondly, the ratchet screwdriver has a corner, which is not convenient to use in a narrow space.


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