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What are the manual tools commonly used at home?

1. Use the principle of leverage to turn bolts, screws, nuts, and other threaded hand tools that hold the openings of bolts or nuts or sets of holes. The wrench is usually located at one or both ends of the handle. The handle is made of clamps to apply external force. The handle applies external force to turn the bolt or nut to hold the opening or sleeve of the bolt or nut. When in use, the bolt or nut can be turned by applying an external force on the shank along the thread rotation direction.

2. It is a tool for knocking objects to move or deform them. It is most often used to knock nails, to correct or to knock off objects. Hammers come in various forms, the common form is a handle and top. One side of the top is flat for striking, and the other side is a hammer head. The shape of the hammer head can be like a horn or a wedge, and its work can be to pull out a nail.

3. A tool used to turn a screw to force it into place. It usually has a thin wedge-shaped head that can be inserted into the slot or notch of the screw head-also known as a "screwdriver".

4. Tape measure is a measuring tool often used in daily life. What you often see is a steel tape measure, which is often used in construction and decoration, and is also one of the essential tools for the family. Divided into fiber tape measure, waist measuring tape, tape measure and so on. Luban ruler, Wen Gong ruler, and Feng Shui ruler are also steel tape measures.

5. It is a hand tool used to fix and clamp workpieces or bend, twist or cut metal wires. The shape of the pliers is V-shaped, and usually includes three parts: the jaw, the handle and the mouth of the pliers.

6. Wire cutters are a kind of clamp and cutting tool, which are composed of clamp head and clamp handle. The clamp head includes jaw, knife, tooth and guillotine. The various parts of the pliers are used as follows: ① the tooth mouth can be used to tighten or loosen the nut; ② the knife edge can be used to cut the rubber or plastic insulation layer of the soft wire, and it can also be used to cut the wire and iron wire; ③ the guillotine The port can be used to cut hard metal wires such as wires and steel wires; ④The insulated plastic tube of the pliers can withstand voltages above 500V, and it can cut wires with electricity.

7. Also called trimming pliers, it is mainly used to cut single-strand and multi-strand wires with thinner wire diameters, as well as for bending single-strand needle-nose pliers wire joints, stripping plastic insulation, etc. It is also used for electricians (especially for Inside electrician) one of the tools often used. It is composed of a pointed tip, a knife edge and a pliers handle. Electricians use needle-nose pliers with an insulating sleeve with a rated voltage of 500V on the pliers handle. Needle-nose pliers have a sharp head, which makes the use and narrow space operation. The operation method of using needle-nose pliers to bend the wire connector is: first fold the thread to the left, and then bend the needle to the right when it is close to the screw. .